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Nichkhuns Noona
Nichkhuns Noona

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BeitragThema: Special Gift Projekt   Mo März 08, 2010 8:16 pm

Nach dem ganzen Drama um 2PM haben sich einige Fans entschlossen, den Jungs zu zeigen, dass es auch noch Fans gibt, die sie lieben und die ihnen keine Vorwürfe machen. Hier ist ein einfaches, aber schönes Projekt, an dem ihr euch vielleicht beteiligen wollt!

Zitat :
Last few days were hot. All of we know is the fact that there’s such a mess. We don’t care about reasons why all of this happened. We don’t hate Jay oppa, JYP or anyone else. What we do care is 2PM. Many people support Jay but we want to support 2PM too. That’s why we made up this project.

Destroying their albums is rude. We think it is hurting them very much. It seems like people don’t respect their hard work. They put their hearts into these albums – we, as fans, should respect it!

We think they have enough of watching as their fans are destroying CDs, it’s time to show there are still people who are enjoying their albums and respecting their work.

Our idea is simple. We want to create a special album for our boys.

1.Take a pic with ’01:59PM’ album or any other album that you have – In this picture should be you and album. Nothing more and nothing less.
You don't have their album? No problem!
Write "I love and support 2PM" on sheet of paper and take a pic with it^^ This is what we want - show our love and support <3

2. About pics:

-should be clear. Good quality is goodJ

- it would be cool, if you could show your face. Don’t send pics of CD/sheet of paper only. Show that you’re a proud fan ^o^ but if you’re shy, that’s ok – you can cover your face and show only a part of it – for example your beautiful eyes^o^

- about resolution, we prefer high resolution. We will crop your photo later, so there’s no need to change resolution.

- you can edit your photo lightly: change colors a bit, brightness, contrast and so on. Don’t add any brushes, gradients and so on. There’s no need. Simple picture will be better. If you want to edit your pic, but you can’t use Photoshop/Gimp/Corel, we’ll help you. Just tell us what do you want to edit.

- Send your pics here: - please, add your name, nickname or both. Don’t forget to tell where are you from. If you want you can also add short cheers like ‘2PM Fighting’ or ‘I support 2PM’

3. Then we will print your pics and cheers. And we’ll make an album. Not photoalbum, it will look like a book, with our pictures inside. We’ll make it looks beautiful:)

4. Of course, we’ll report of progression our project to you.

5. So far there’s no deadline. I think we need time to collect as many pics as possible but we’re sure that we want to fulfill our project till April’s end.

6. You don’t have to worry that our album won’t reach 2PM. We won’t send it via post. One of our Korean friends will delivere it directly to JYPE. If we won’t be able to finish our project now, then we’re going to Korea this year (September) and we’ll give them it personally.

7. We’re open to your suggestions and help. Do you have any ideas? Maybe you think that your idea will make this project better? Share your ideas with us. We’re here to listen!

8. If you want to create own project, maybe we could put it together and create one big project? This is just a suggestion. Since we’re going to Korea, we’ll do everything to bring our projects to 2PM, so you don’t have to be worry that anything would happen to our gifts. We will do our best!

You can believe us without any worries. All that we want is to show our love to 2PM!

Our project was born today. Please help us to make it better. Please help us to show love and support. Please help us to fulfill this project.
Tell your friends about this project! Let's make it big!
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BeitragThema: Re: Special Gift Projekt   Sa März 13, 2010 11:31 pm

Glaub mach mein bild am montag Razz *loool*
Und schick es dann gleich Razz
Die sollen ja wissen das es auch Fans in Deutschland gibt Wink *loool*
DANKE Smile ^^
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Special Gift Projekt
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